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Friday May 26th

Veteran's Day is to honor all who have served our Great Country. Memorial Day is to honor all of those who have sacrified their life while serving our Great Country. The names engraved on these plaques located at Rossford's Veteran's Memorial Park are the names of our neighbors, friends, families and ancestors who entered into battle, but never returned home to Rossford alive. Please take time to honor these heroes from our hometown this weekend. Outside of the family barbeque and reunions, take time to remember their great sacrifice and honor their service by attending the annual Memorial Day Parade courtesy of the Rossford American Legion Post and the Rossford Veterans of Foreign Wars Post. The parade will begin at the Edward Ford Memorial at Dixie Highway and Elm Street onto Veteran's Memorial Park, where a ceremony will take place. The Rossford Police are more than happy to stop traffic for you, our 'gone, but not forgotten' heroes. ... See MoreSee Less

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Mary AndrzejewskiSorry i will miss it. Got to work. Have fun3 days ago

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Tuesday May 23rd

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Thursday May 18th

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Thursday May 18th

POWER OUTAGE EXPECTED: Toledo Edison will be making repairs today. A power outage is expected from noon to 1:00 pm (possibly after 1:00 pm) in the following area:
Marina, Police Dept., Fire Dept., Library, City Offices, Bacon St., Osborn St., Hoffman Road, Windsor Drive, Riverview Place, Water Street, Eagle Point Road - residential, commercial and governmental facilities will be without power during this time.
The schools should NOT be affected by this outage.
The power outage should last approximately one (1) hour, but again, times may vary.
If home phones (cordless phones, with electrical supply) are affected, use a cell phone to dial 9-1-1 in an emergency or 419-666-5230.
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Kaitlin ErinI don't live in Rossford 😅2 weeks ago

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Wednesday May 17th

Rest In Peace, Thank you for your service, May God bless your wife and seven children who you have left behind...
Kirkersville Police Chief Steven Eric Disario
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Wednesday May 17th

BOAT & RV PARKING Ordinance:

(a) No person shall park or store an automotive vehicle or trailer of any kind or type that does not have current license plates on any property other than in a completely enclosed building. (Ord. 99-069. Passed 10-11-99.)
(b) One boat trailer (which includes a boat and/or similar water device) and one travel trailer (which includes a work trailer) may be parked only on a driveway for a period not to exceed five (5) consecutive days between the dates of April 15 to May 15 and October 1 to October 30 of any calendar year. In the event such boat trailer and travel trailer are parked as described herein, the owner of the property on which the trailer(s) are parked or the title owner(s) of the trailers shall obtain a permit from the Rossford Police Department indicating the date and time of the commencement of the parking and the date and time of the termination of the parking. Only two (2) such permits shall be allowed in any calendar year for any one property owner or trailer owner. During all other times, only one boat trailer and one travel trailer may be stored or parked behind the required front yard setback line if each trailer has a current license plate. In the case of a corner lot, the trailer(s) shall also be located behind the required side yard setback line. (Ord. 2014-18. Passed 5-12-14.)
(c) Whoever violates any provision of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor. (Ord. 1467. Passed 9-28-81.)
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Kristie LockCan you tell us the ordinance regarding parking cars on the street? Thank you 🙂1   ·  2 weeks ago

Daniel BaumHmmmm. The ordinance doesn't give a Time length the permit is good for it just gives a number of permits allowed per year. There for i would like one permit for 364 days and permit for one day2 weeks ago

Jamie DrennerDoes it cost anything for the permit?2 weeks ago

Rossford Police DepartmentNo cost for the permit. It simply provides for a time frame in which a homeownder can keep the trailer/baoat/RV on their property.2 weeks ago

Megan HennesseyI don't see pods listed in this ordinance anywhere Ryan Hennessey2 weeks ago

Tom HennesseyI've seen several boats and rvs parked in driveways in Rossford today.2 weeks ago

Cindy KirkWhy don't you do something about the people in Ironwood on the corner of South Ironwood in North Ironwood get through all the grass clippings in the street and clog up our drains which is illegal in Rossford but nothing was ever done about it2 weeks ago

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Wednesday May 17th

Congratulations to All Saints Fifth Grade DARE Graduates! Officer Jodi Johnson presented t-shirts and awards to each student and gifts to Teacher Meghan Stechshulte and Father Recker. Jackson Wagener was the DARE essay winner this year.
Mayor Neil MacKinnon and members of City Council have supported the Ohio Attorney General's Drug Use Prevenion grant for several years that helps fund the program and time Officer Jodi spends with the students.
Chief Glenn Goss told the audience, "Now more than ever programs like this are necessary in light of the overwhelming drug our country." He commended the Parish, teachers and students for their involvement in helping the students, and their peers, to become good citizens.
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Wednesday May 17th

Click it or Ticket Kickoff ... See MoreSee Less

The annual Click it or Ticket kickoff will be held on Saturday, May 20th from Noon to 3 pm at Bass Pro Shops in Rossford! Come out and learn why everyone should wear their seatbelt, interact with Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS and other coalition partners.

Click it or Ticket Kickoff

May 20, 2017, 12:00pm

Bass Pro Shops

The annual Click it or Ticket kickoff will be held on Saturday, May 20th from Noon to 3 pm at Bass Pro Shops in Rossford! Come out and learn why everyone should wear their seatbelt, interact with Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS and other coalition partners.

Tuesday May 16th

Photos from Rossford Police Department's post
Police Week 2017 is May 19-24. Wood County FOP is hosting the annual Law Enforcement Memorial Service on Thursday at noon in Bowling Green. Honor those who have sacrificed all.
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