The Rossford Police Department is now hiring.

Apply online: http://www.nationaltestingnetwork.com

This position will be posted and available online at the National Testing Network.

Patrol Officer Position

RPD is seeking lateral transfer candidates for the position of patrol officer. To qualify, officers must have a minimum of 2 years prior full time employment as a police officer, and have a maximum age of 40 years. Lateral transfers do not need to test or complete a physical agility test. Starting rate of pay is $31.25 for 2 years prior experience and $33.12 for 3 years prior experience. We also have an excellent benefits package.

Important Civil Service Forms

When hiring, all new candidates must read and fill out the forms attached to the Civil Service Application Packet. All candidates must fill out these forms and return them by email, fax, or U.S. Postal Service. You can access these documents below until the deadline. Candidates with Military Credit must also send a copy of their DD214 Form. Include your email address on all correspondence to the Rossford Police Department. All forms must be submitted by the deadline.

Forms and Information:

2022 Civil Service Application Packet

2022 Civil Service Announcement – Probationary Patrol Officer Position

2022 Lateral & Entry Level Full-Time Positions

2021 Civil Service Commission Results

Physical Agility Test Information: